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Bikini Beach Books

Why writing an article about a library in a small village like Gordon’s Bay?

You may ask the question…

But you will understand the day when you visit us and walk on Beach Road – you will see this wonderfully curious American-style sign on the roof of a beach house as well as the huge sign 'Bikini Beach Books'.

We were first amused by this big car on the roof, but did not took time to visit the place as nothing prepares you for what lies beyond those open doorways.. Once we had time, we went and discovered thousands upon thousands of second-hand books!

The musty smell and rustle of thousands of books will transport you to another world. Books start at 50c and whilst it may all look a bit chaotic, there is some order to the madness. Books are grouped by genre (like a room corner dedicated to travel) and language (everything from Russian to Welsh with many, many German titles) but for the most part, the general fiction is loosely alphabetised and spread out over each room of the house. This allows all kinds of weird and wonderful things to easily find you… The owner happily admits that there is no method to the madness.  “The pleasure of reading is not only sitting down with your favourite books or author, but also in searching and discovering and sniffing and meandering through the bookshop until you find a book that moves your soul.” And if you get lost in the rooms full of books, he will happily help you find almost anything.

You now understand that Bikini Beach Books has become one of Gordon’s Bay’s landmarks. 5 minutes’ walk from Manor on the Bay. Warning: it is very easy to get lost for hours!


Facebook | 41 Beach Rd, Gordons Bay Central, 7151 |  To get there


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